Our history


The origins of the Schirg boatbuilding company go back to Franz Schirg’s master craftsman’s certificate on October 2, 1898. Franz Schirg was a talented craftsman who specialized in building boats. His skills and striving for perfection quickly made his boatyard one of the most respected on Lake Millstatt.

In the 1920s, Franz Schirg expanded his business activities and opened a guesthouse in addition to the boatyard. This decision proved to be a clever move, as tourism on Lake Millstättersee was flourishing at the time. The guesthouse not only provided additional sources of income, but also helped the boatyard to become better known, as guests often showed an interest in the handmade boats.

Thanks to the combination of craftsmanship, quality and a feel for the needs of tourists, the Schirg boatbuilding company has developed into one of the most renowned boatbuilding companies on the lake.


After a tragic boat accident in 1988 and in view of a slightly ailing tourism industry, the Pension non of the Schirg family had to be sold. In October of the same year, the Linder family acquired the business from the Schirg family. In the following years up to the present day, continuous and energetic investments were made in the guesthouse and it was expanded into the well-known Pension Linder.

The Linder family leads tourism with passion and dedication and lives this vocation. Their deep connection to the region and their commitment to first-class service have contributed to Pension Linder becoming a popular destination for travelers. But the story is not over yet. With their innovative spirit and commitment, they will continue to add new chapters, be it by introducing new offers, modernizing the facilities or creating unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Our house & our history


Here are a few impressions of our house today.

The future of Pension Linder is full of possibilities and the Linder family will undoubtedly continue to shape the history of tourism in the region.

We make every effort to run our guesthouse in an authentic and traditional way, while still embracing modern life.

As guesthouse owners, we always endeavor to provide perfect service and hospitality for our guests. Details are important to us to give every guest the perfect stay and every guest is welcome in our home. Guests can feel our passion to make their stay as pleasant as possible. We are proud of our guesthouse and you can tell when our guests come to us more than once on vacation.

Johanna & Werner

Our home

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy visiting our home again.”

Werner & Johanna