With the Kärnten Card one holds the key to experiences, fun and all kinds of advantages!

It opens the door daily to over 100 free trip destinations in Carinthia, as well as great price reductions at over 60 Bonus Partners.

What does the Kärnten Card offer?
Free entry any day to over 100 of Carinthia’s most beautiful trip destinations, 4 Super Bonus partners with 50% price reduction, over 55 Bonus Partners with great price reductions and around 50% price reduction for bus and train connections (Kärnten Card for guests)

When is the Kärnten Card valid?
The Kärnten Card is valid from 9 April to 26 October and can be used as often as you like.

Where do you get the Kärnten Card?
It is also available at many sales points throughout Kärnten – such as tourist information offices. At some accommodation enterprises you even receive the Kärnten Card free of charge for the duration of your stay.

How often can one use the Kärnten Card?
The services of an inclusive partner can be used daily, but a maximum of once a day.

What must be noted?
The Kärnten Card is only valid with ID! Checks are possible at any time. If it is misused or passed on illegitimately, the card will be withdrawn immediately. You can find the General Terms & Conditions under the respective link on the homepage.